The Heal Ukraine Group, or HUG, is a consortium of Harvard-affiliated physicians, scientists, and healthcare professionals from Boston-based medical institutions who have come together to integrate our activities and address the needs of scientists and clinicians impacted by the war in Ukraine. Those impacted include practitioners on the frontlines and providers who have experienced wanton destruction of hospitals, clinics, and medical infrastructure as well as interruption of medical care delivery and training.

HUG team members convene voluntarily and we partner with several NGOs including Global Medical Knowledge Alliance, Autism Unity Health Tech Without Borders, and Lake Country Medical Aid for Ukraine.

Our goals are fluid and purposefully nimble as we respond to the most immediate needs of colleagues on the ground in Ukraine and medical scholars whom we sponsor to come to the U.S. for training opportunities. HUG team members stay in regular communication with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, the National Cancer Institute of Ukraine, and a host of clinicians on the ground representing a range of specialties.

To date, HUG has supplied tens of thousands of lifesaving surgical materials and medical equipment, ranging from portable ultrasounds, cardiac monitors, and mechanical ventilators to wound vacuum therapy units, boxes of surgical staples and sutures, and similar surgical consumables, and surgical headlamps.


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Every donation, no matter what size, will help doctors in Ukraine treat their patients and save lives.



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