June 17, 2024 9:38 am

Heal Ukraine Group supports Global Response Medicine by helping host a Ukrainian Delegation of Physicians from Kharkiv in Boston, MA. 

In collaboration with the Heal Ukraine Group, Health Tech Without Borders, and the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health, eight Ukrainian fellows spent two weeks in Boston observing at Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Medical Center in emergency medicine and the intensive care units (ICUs).  While at the Boston-based institutions, the Ukrainian doctors observed and interfaced with U.S. physicians regarding principles of emergency and ICU medical care, including the standardized approaches to assess and treat life-threatening conditions. The objectives involved supporting comprehensive and efficacious urgent, intensive, and palliative care.

These observerships culminated a 12-month fellowship in emergency medicine, trauma surgery, and burn care for Ukrainian physicians, sponsored and supported by Global Response Medicine (GRM) in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), in response to a request by the Ukrainian government.

This collaboration also involved the EU Foreign Policy Initiative and followed dozens of rotations by US clinicians into Ukraine to train at the bedside. Via GRM, Ukrainian fellows traveled for 2-week observerships at top hospitals in the US.

Heal Ukraine Group